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Spray disinfectants are advertised as easy, convenient and the best choice when it comes to sanitizing your space, however, that is all marketing. Spray disinfectants are highly ineffective and not recommended for proper disinfection. If you spray and wipe up the solution, all you did was get the countertop wet. If a waiter sprays down your table and wipes it up seconds later, the germs are still there. Why? There are a couple of reasons. Here is why you should only use disinfectant wipes. 

By cleaning professionals, the spray disinfectant method is often called “spray and pray”. This means you are essentially just praying/hoping for a miracle that the germs are actually killed. When you spray the disinfectant solution, you are not able to really target and saturate a space. Some chemical solution makes it to the desired area but at least half of each spray gets splattered somewhere else. This means the cleaning solution cannot work. If you read the label of any disinfectant product, it will tell you how long the chemical is supposed the saturate the area. A spray and quick swipe will not help. That is why disinfectant wipes are recommended.


Another reason cleaning professionals do not recommend spray disinfectants is to prevent any lung irritation. When you spray it, the chemicals are just getting sprayed everywhere into the air. A couple of sprays may not irritate you but if you are cleaning a large office building, gym, government office, school, etc. could certainly make a big deal. People with asthma should absolutely not use spray disinfectants under any circumstances as it may flare up their condition. 


The best solution? If you want to disinfect your home, office, school, gym, etc. you should use a disinfecting wipe. A disinfecting wipe clearly transfers the disinfecting solution to the surface and it also allows the chemical solution to airdry. Nosaj’s disinfectant wipes take just 15 seconds to kill Covid-19, the flu, and many other germs. 


If you want to actually disinfect your space, avoid spray disinfectants at all costs. They will irritate your lungs and skin while not getting rid of germs. For a more effective clean, use disinfectant wipes.