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Nosaj Online a Division of NDI has over 40 years of success in the wiping material industries offers us a unique knowledge of the competition, the competitive pricing, the different materials in the marketplace and the industries that use our product.

Our mission is to provide quality disposable wiping products at affordable prices, using professional Independent sales representatives that act in partnership with customers offering the best options for their wiping needs. We pride ourselves on working with both large corporations as well as small business owners and continue to expand into different industries.

We are headquartered at 109 South Main St Cranbury, New Jersey 08512. Our West Coast facility is located at 1150 N Red Gum St. Unit D Anaheim, Califormia  92806.

One of the easiest forms of disinfectant comes in wipes, and they come in two distinct forms. Wet – which includes pre-moistened, ready to use, disinfectant – and dry. We here at Nosaj Online pride ourselves on providing dispensers of our wet and dry wipes of such disinfectant that will keep your living space as spotless as you could possibly dream of. They do this by cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing the area. Unlike other products, ours don’t contain
bleach, alcohol, or any harsh chemicals.

We provide various dispensers of wipes that, no matter wet or dry, take care of contaminated areas both effectively and quickly. The wipes that we have kill 99.1% of the germs in the area, which basically means they take care of pretty much every form of bacteria they see in sight. They kill coronavirus germs. They kill HIV-1 and influenza germs. They kill antibiotic resistant bacteria. They even kill old friend H1N1 influenza aka the swine flu! On both wet and dry surfaces, our wipes do the job.

They won’t waste any time either. It would only take fifteen seconds for those germs to be killed and never to be a nuisance again. Of course that would be until more germs come in, but that’s why we have dispensers of these wipes!

Our dispensers come in all shapes and sizes. The products can come in buckets, boxes, or even bags. These containers dispense our wet and dry products from piles or from rolls too. Did we mention that these products come in both wet and dry?

You deserve the most consistently clean environment especially if the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. If you want the best wipes to ensure safety for you and everyone you associate with, feel free to check out what we have to offer here at Nosaj Online!

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