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When there is a global pandemic, your health is the number one priority. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, you should regularly clean your home and wash high contamination surfaces daily. How you clean your home will make a big difference. First, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are all different things. Cleaning is when you actually scrub away the germs and dirt with soap and water. Cleaning does not kill germs but it does remove the germs from a surface. Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill the germs and clean the surface. 

Lastly, sanitizing kills the number of germs to a safe level but it does not necessarily get rid of or kill all the germs. These three things are each important in their own right, but to prevent COVID from entering your home, you should focus on disinfecting surfaces. Disinfectants can be bought at any store and you have probably used them before, like Clorox wipes. However, Nosaj has released a new product, COVID cleansing wipes that is more effective for actually targeting the COVID-19 virus.

Traditional cleansing wipes have had the same formula for years. The disinfectant has failed to take into account all the new germs and viruses. Plus, traditional cleansing wipes really only target common germs like Salmonella or influenza. While you definitely do not want either of these in your home, there are a lot more diseases and germs your disinfectant should be protecting you from. Nosaj’s COVID wipes do kill COVID but they also kill diseases like the flu, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Campylobacter jejuni and other antibiotic resistant bacteria. Nosaj’s wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 seconds.

Whether you are a private citizen or business owner, Nosaj can sell to you directly. There is no middle man which makes the product cheaper for all parties involved. Nosaj COVID wipes have been used in gyms, schools, offices, manufacturing institutions, government agencies and shopping centers. Product 10100 is best for industrial use and product 101075 is more convenient for personal use.We are registered and approved through the EPA . Traditional cleansing wipes have been sparse to find in stores, so be safe, stay home and order our COVID wipes online in bulk or regular quantities. 

Disinfecting your home and commonly touched surfaces is going to keep you safe and healthy throughout the pandemic and for the rest of your life. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are all important steps in the process but disinfecting will actually kill the germs. Try Nosaj’s new COVID wipes and ditch the traditional cleansing wipes for a happy and healthy life.