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Disinfectant wipes are easy and effective to clean with but there may be a couple of mistakes you are making when you use them. Make sure you are not making these 6 common mistakes when using disinfectant wipes. 

  • Not all disinfectant wipes are made the same

Name brand or the store brand, you always need to do your research on disinfecting wipes. Nosaj is a proud distributor of Everwipe disinfectant wipes. You should Nosaj’s disinfectant wipes because they are bleach-free, versatile and EPA approved. If your cleaning products are no EPA approved, stop using them immediately! Your cleaning product could be a potential danger to you and the environment. 

  • Not reading the directions

It seems self-explanatory, you take the wipe and clean the surface but actually, it is not self-explanatory. Let me explain, yes you just swipe the surface but the directions will explain how long the chemical solution should be on the surface. It is important to let the solution saturate the surface for the correct amount of time to ensure the germs are killed. The 99% germ guarantee is not true unless you disinfect properly. 


  • Do not use dried out wipes

Dried-out disinfectant wipes are useless and there is no point in using them. Why? Dried-out wipes are not saturated in the chemical solution so they cannot transfer the germ-killing liquid. It is best to just throw them away.

  • Do not use one wipe on multiple surfaces

This goes back to your disinfectant wipe not being saturated enough to work. If you are cleaning a large surface/area like a gym, office, or school, you need to be using multiple wipes. On average, disinfectant wipes only have enough disinfecting solution for three square feet or less. 

  • Do not use a dry paper towel to dry the surface after disinfecting

Whatever you do, do not dry up the chemical solution. The chemicals need a certain amount of time to work so drying them up will do nothing. If possible, you should always allow a disinfectant solution to airdry. 

  • Do not flush down disinfectant wipes down the toilet

Maybe this is common sense to you, but most disinfectant wipes on the market are not bio-degradable. That means you should always dispose of your disinfectant wipes in the trash. If a wipe gets flushed down the toilet, it could clog pipes and back up septic systems.