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Disinfectant wipes are great! They are affordable, convenient and an easy solution to germs. They are incredibly in demand in today’s market and will always be- after all we are never going to stop disinfecting our homes. However, there are a few things you should never use disinfectant wipes on, here are six: 

  • Children’s toys 

It is tempting to quickly wipe down your kid’s toys every once in a while. The disinfectant should kill all the germs so that is a good thing right? Well yes, you got rid of the germs but you left chemicals behind. If a child were to put the toy back in their mouth, the chemicals would be ingested. 



  • Kitchen counters 

Let’s clarify here because this is one of the most common uses for disinfectant wipes. Disinfectant wipes are a great first start to sanitizing the surface but it also needs to be scrubbed. So use a disinfectant wipe and then scrub it down with hot water and soap. You can never clean the kitchen counter enough.

  • Hardwood surfaces

It is important to always read the directions on the back of cleaning products. On almost all disinfectant wipes, including Nosaj’s products it will clarify that wipes shouldnt be used on hardwood, carpet and a few other places. It will actually damage the hardwood so it is best to avoid it. 

  • Surface with sealant 

That means marble and granite! Do not use disinfectant wipes on surfaces with sealants because the chemical solution will eat away the polish of the sealed surfaces. It will eventually make your surface look dull or scratched. 

  • Leather

The chemical solution has alcohol and other drying ingredients that will destroy leather. The leather will dehydrate further and lose the soft feel. If you continually use disinfectant wipes on leather, it will make the leather look dry and chalky. 

  • Your hands

Maybe this is self explanatory but you should never use disinfectant wipes on your hands. The wipes can leave chemical residue on your hands which poses danger incase of ingestion. You could also get a bad chemical burn. Always use a cleaning product properly and use safety precautions as needed.